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gg_dead_strip strips player weapons once they have died.

  • This addon also disallows players from dropping their current level weapon or other weapons they are supposed to have.
  • Any weapon a player picks up, that they should not currently have, will be removed, as well.


gg_dead_strip contains the following cvars that can be found in your server's ../cfg/gungame51/included_addon_configs/gg_dead_strip.cfg file:
// ============================================================================
// ============================================================================
// Description:
//    Removes a player's weapons when they die.
// Note:
//    * Prevents players from picking up the wrong weapon.
// Options:
//    0 = (Disabled) Do not load gg_dead_strip.
//    1 = (Enabled) Load gg_dead_strip.
// Default Value: 0

// Enables/Disables gg_dead_strip.
   gg_dead_strip 0
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