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  • You must es_load gungame51 one time to create most of the config files. The only exception to this is the gg_server.cfg file.
  • This goes for Custom Addons as well.
    • Once you install a Custom Addon, just reload GunGame51 to create its config file.
  • We set GunGame51 up this way so that server owners will not overwrite their config files every time they update GunGame.


Custom Addon Configs

  1. The custom_addon_configs folder will contain any configuration files for any Custom Addons you have installed.
  2. For a list of Custom Addons available, see the Custom Addons page.

Included Addon Configs

  1. The included_addon_configs folder will contain most of the configuration files for Included Addons.
  2. For a list of Included Addons and their specific configuration file, see the Included Addons page.
  3. This folder also contains 2 .txt files:
    1. gg_stats_logging.txt
      1. Place all events in this file that you want GunGame51 to force logging for 3rd-party plugins like HLStatsX or PsychoStats.
      2. gg_stats_logging must be set to 1.
    2. gg_welcome_msg.txt
      1. Stores the message to be used by gg_welcome_msg.
      2. gg_welcome_msg must be set to 1.


  1. The logs folder contains any error logs for GunGame51.
  2. If you are having issues with GunGame, feel free to report them via our Issues List
  3. You will want to attach any error logs from this folder when reporting an issue.

Sound Packs

  1. The sound_packs folder is used to set which sounds to use for which GunGame events.
  2. For a more detailed outline of sound_packs, see the Sound Packs page.


  1. The spawnpoints folder is used to set spawnpoints to be used with gg_random_spawn.
  2. You can also edit the spawnpoints either by hand or using gg_spawnpoints.

Weapon Orders

  1. The weapon_orders folder is used to set the weapons and multikill values for each level.
  2. For a more detailed outline of weapon_orders, see the Weapon Orders page.








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