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Getting started with GunGame

If you have a question, check out our FAQ.

GunGame Documentation

The GunGame Package:

GunGame Packages, Modules, Classes, Methods, & Functions:

GunGame Addons:

Python Scripting For GunGame:

Python Scripting for GunGame

  • Where did "gungamelib" go?
    • GunGame 5.1 takes full advantage of Python Packages which allows us to better organize and structure the code into logical groups. This not only helps the developers find/fix bugs faster due to the fact that we can now see which module is causing the error but enables us to see which packages and modules have been changed separately. GunGame 5.1 now uses "intra-package references" instead of a congested library that contains all gungame-related commands.

Originally, when we added changes to gungamelib, we only knew (without delving through several revisions) that "something" had been changed in the core functionality of GunGame. If this caused a bug, it became very hard to track down (especially if the bug did not manifest itself or be report until several revisions down the line).

Now, we use separate Python Packages and Python Modules


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