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Requirements and Installation

What are the requirements for running GunGame5.1?

The requirements are listed in the Prerequisites section of our installation page.

How do I install GunGame5.1?

We have a list of installation instructions on our installation page.

How do I install EventScripts?

EventScripts is a source server plugin that allows scripters to write modifications for the Source Engine (which is exactly what GunGame5 is) in a script, created by Mattie.

You can get the latest version HERE. As of the time of this writing, the latest version is EventScripts You can also watch a video tutorial on how to install EventScripts created by Mattie himself HERE.

How do I install Source Python Extensions?

Simply download it from HERE and then extract it to your server. A great resource for SPE documentation is located HERE.

Does GunGame5.1 support any game other than Counter Strike: Source?

At the current moment, no.

Installation Troubleshooting

Can I copy my previous GunGame configuration files into "../cfg/gungame51/"?

As a general rule, no. GunGame5.1 has a differing configuration file structure than previous version of GunGame.

The only exceptions would be if you are updating from GunGame5 to GunGame5.1, in which case the following directories may be copied without issue:

  • ../cfg/gungame5/spawnpoints/ to ../cfg/gungame51/spawnpoints/
  • ../cfg/gungame5/weapon_orders/ to ../cfg/gungame51/weapon_orders/

Setting Up Your GunGame Server

How can I convert the winners databases and spawnpoint files I used previously?

Can I install custom addons from previous versions of GunGame on my GunGame5.1 server?

No. To make GunGame5.1 a true improvement, we have re-worked almost all aspects of the core and the way which included and custom addons interact with it. GunGame5.1 is not backwards compatible with custom addons from previous versions of GunGame.

Here is a list of custom addons for GunGame5.1.

Bug Reports

I found a bug or issue with GunGame5. Where do I report it?

As all development of GunGame5 is handled on GoogleCode, we are having all issues reported there as well. You can report the issue(s) HERE.

The GoogleCode issue reporter is asking for an error log?


In GunGame5, we have added the ability to create an error log any time an error occurs. This error log will only contain GunGame5 related errors. To retrieve your error log open your ../cfg/gungame51/logs/ directory and you should see a file named GunGame5_#_###_Log.txt (which contains the version number of GunGame5 you are running).

Attach this file to your error/issue/bug report to help us to find the bug.

There is no error log in the "../cfg/gungame51/logs" directory!

This means that the option gg_error_logging is set to 0 in the ../cstrike/cfg/gungame/gg_en_config.cfg. Set the gg_error_logging option/value to 1.

How do I know when my error has been accepted?

When you see the error that you reported in the list HERE, you will also see a "Status" column. Once your bug has been verified, its status will be set to "Accepted".

There are multiple "Open" status codes:

  • New (just reported, and in process of being reviewed)
  • Accepted (developers have verified as a bug)
  • Started (developers have started coding a fix to the issue)

I reported a bug, but it has not been accepted or fixed!

This typically means one of many things:

  • The developers have not yet had time to review your bug report.
  • The developers are in process of reviewing the bug report, but have not yet set the status to "Accepted."
  • You did not provide enough information in the bug report for the developers to resolve your issue.

Please keep in mind that not all bugs will be fixed in a timely manner, as there are multiple developers of GunGame5, as well as the fact that each individual developer has a life outside of GunGame5. Please be patient.

I reported a bug, and it has disappeared, but was not fixed!

You can search old bugs that were closed by changing the search to "All Issues." We will not remove/delete bug reports. They will be closed with a Status code of either:

  • Fixed (the bug should be fixed)
  • Invalid (the bug reported was invalid - either not enough information, or incorrect information)
  • Duplicate (the same bug has already been reported)
  • WontFix (the bug or claimed issue will not be fixed)
  • DeniedRequest (status code for someone that posted a feature request instead of a bug)

How do you see "Closed Issues" for GunGame5 on GoogleCode?

Unfortunately, GoogleCode does not allow to search for "closed" issues, just issues with a certain status. You change the "Seach Results" in the list to "All Issues". This would include the "closed" issues.

Click HERE for a list of "All Issues."

How do I know when the issue I reported was fixed?

The GunGame5 development team is devoted to keeping very good records of what issues were fixed. You can see if your specific bug was fixed by:

  • Seaching GoogleCode for "All Issues" for "status:Fixed" as seen HERE.
  • Searching the revision notes and reading each revision that is higher than yours HERE.
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