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Typically, interest on a banking account is paid on some monthly foundation, and the rate remains stated whereas a yearly rate. One way to decide if keeping your cash within some bank account will earn you added inside interest than additional investment opportunities is to figure out how much interest you gain on some daily foundation. You just need to produce numerous small mathematical calculations and keep any log to monitor your daily earnings from interest away from your bank acccount. Once you have this information, you can determine if keeping your money in the bank will earn more money besides additional investment opportunities.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You'll Need

Calculator Journal or sheet about report

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1 Decide the annual attention percentage that your banking account will earn to you. This may be found on your monthly banking declaration, or by contacting your bank to find out what the annual interest rate is for savings accounts.

2 Separate the annual attention rate from the number 12. This number will inform you what your monthly interest rate is in your account. Banks typically pay out the interest to your bank consideration on a monthly instead of a daily foundation.

3 Determine the every day percentage rate that you are earning in your deposit account. Even though the bank does not pay interest until the end of the month, you may monitor the way much you earn on a daily foundation.

Divide your monthly curiosity rate with the number of days in the month. Then multiply this sum by the amount of cash you have with your savings account on the end about each daytime.

4 Stay away from removing money out of your savings accounts through the month. Your daily calculation will be accurate for that day, however recollect you will not actually receive the curiosity earnings until the end of the month. Your interest profits are calculated with the end about the calendar month, so that you will not receive profits on money that is you get withdrawn from your accounts.

Tips & Warnings

It can not be accentuated enough that is if you remove money out of your banking consideration you can not count the curiosity earned from it, mainly because it will never be part of the monthly calculation your bank conducts. If you accomplish this, multiply the amount you withdraw times your daily attention rate and remove these earnings from your log. Check in your bank to find out exactly how often interest is calculated. Many accounts are monthly, however some are only quarterly, semi-annually, or even annually.

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