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Please see our screencast for downloading required files for GunGame.


  1. Extract the zip file for GunGame5.1
  2. Upload the extracted contents to your server's game directory
    For Counter-Strike: Source this would be ../cstrike
  3. Add
    es_load gungame51
    on a new line in your ../cfg/autoexec.cfg file. You may create this file if it does not exist.
  4. Restart your server, or load GunGame 5.1 by typing this rcon command in your client console:
    rcon es_load gungame51
    • When GunGame 5.1 is loaded for the first time, it will generate configuration files in ../cfg/gungame51/
  5. Edit the newly appeared configuration files in ../cfg/gungame51/ to your likings
    • This file can be used to load any GunGame specific server settings:
    • This folder will contain all the cfg files for turbo, deathmatch, knife pro, ect:
    • Note: For a more detailed outline of all the configuration files see the GunGame51 Configuration page.
  6. Restart your server after editing the new cfg files, or reload gungame51 by typing this rcon command into your client console:
    rcon es_reload gungame51

Known Issues

  1. If you are having issues getting GunGame51 to load properly in your autoexec.cfg:
      Add the following commands (in this order) at the very top of your autoexec.cfg:
      sv_allow_wait_command 1
      • If you are still unable to get it to load, move es_load gungame51 to the very bottom of your server.cfg
      • If you still cannot get it to load, try using es_delayed 3 es_load gungame51 (at the bottom of your server.cfg)

  2. If you are having issues with certain aspects of GunGame51 since the February 22nd CS:S update, most notably not getting a knife on non-knife levels and the game not ending on gg_win, download and install the following addon:
    * Note: as of version 5.1.515, this fix is no longer needed. This functionality was written directly into GunGame51 itself to avoid flooding the forums with the same issues that this addon fixes.
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